October 2012

Online Booking through Pura Vida’s website

Pura Vida has officially launched the “home service massage” website. Pura Vida’s vision is to be a leading home service massage business in Metro Manila, offering a large variety of massage services at the convenience of your own homes. A new era of technology has arrived in the wellness & massage industry, not only delivering you home service but also giving you access to the information and providing you the luxury to book from home.

Five different perspectives to massages

Massage has been a medical practice for many years by our Chinese neighbors. 4 years ago a Western research showed that massage has more benefits then only treating muscle pain. One surprising finding showed that massages could help gain premature babies. Also we see various positive impacts on the human immunity system and other physical conditions varying from premenstrual syndrome to high blood pressure. Some cases of arthritis are relieved from pains through precise massages.

5 Amazing Facts About Your Abs

The term six-pack is searched over the internet more than a million times a month as per Google. Almost every guy in the planet wants the washboard abs.  Women scream when they see men with shaped abs. So no wonder this has become a top goal for practically all men out there in the hunt. Before you plan your next trip to the gym though, here are some helpful tips:

Training Every Day Not Needed

Natural Foods for Perkier and Lighter Complexion

Nowadays having a lighter complexion is the "in thing" for Filipinas. No need to cover your face with too much foundation or resort to whitening creams. The best make-up you can wear is a glowing, healthy skin. Below are the safe and natural remedies to looking amazingly fresh:


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