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Wellness Questionnaire

At Pura Vida Makati we take your health very seriously. You might be aware of the PAR Q, which is a “physical activity readiness questionnaire”. It includes a set of questions that are typically used by doctors, physiotherapist to identify the fitness level of people that would like to start or ramp up their physical workouts. Pura Vida combines physical activity questions with wellness initiatives to better understand your possibilities and potential limitations before, during and after a massage. Please fill out the below questions so that our therapists will be aware and well informed about your health condition.


  • Do you have any joint problems such as arthritis that might be aggravated through stretching or massage?
  • Do you suffer from any body aches or injuries such as back pain, muscles tensions, swollen joints etc.?
  • Are you pregnant, if so did your doctor prescribed any specific treatments or advise for your current term?
  • Do you currently exercise on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week) and work in a job that is physically and/or mentally demanding?
  •  Do you have any weight challenges that needs to be taken into consideration while undergoing massage or stretching?
  •  Do you have a physical history of surgeries that you are still encountering issues from?
  • Do you suffer from any heart ailments that we need to be aware of?
  •  Are you currently taking any medication for treatment of the heart, blood pressure, joint or muscle pains etc.?
  • Are you aware of any other physical, emotional concerns that we need to be aware of?

Pura Vida would like to thank you for participating in our questionnaire that would help us more to turn your aches in to aaaahhhs. Rest assured that we maintain your personal data confidential at all times. Enjoy Pura Vida’s massages!