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Commercial Establishments That Offer Spa Services

Spas are not the only establishments in Makati City that offer services like massages, yoga sessions, meditation rooms, and so forth. There are also other places where you can get one, two or more of these services. Of course, there are also commercial establishments that build a fully-functional spa that is open not just to the customers of the main business but also to walk-ins.

Here are examples of non-spa establishments where you can find spa services (if not a fully-functional spa itself):

1. Fitness Gyms - It is a growing trend among fitness gyms to offer spa services to its walk-in clients and club members. After each rigorous exercise session, people usually look for ways to release the tension in their muscles. Yes, that's what cooling down exercises are for, but sometimes the body is just looking for something else - something more.

That is why several gyms have taken to offering sports massages to their customers. After they sweat it out at the equipment and their muscles are aching and sore, they can get the relief they crave in the hands of professional massage therapists.

It's also uncommon for people to feel famished after exercising. That's why many of them hit the fruit stands or coffee shops after going to the gym. Ideally, they should select a nourishing, fresh fruit juice or a low-calorie snack. Sadly, many of them become tempted to go to the nearest fast food joint for a juicy burger and French fries. There goes all those hours exercising at the gym.

Seeing that this habit isn't helping their clients - not to mention the lack of concrete results is reflecting badly on the gym's credibility - several gyms have taken to serving healthful snacks and having a nutritionist on board.

Gym spas with nutrition corners and offering home service massage in Makati are becoming more common in this city.

2. Airports - This is very unorthodox, but there are already several airports in the United States, Dubai, and Canada that offer spa services right on the airport premises. Weary travelers waiting for their next flight and people who get anxious on the plan can get a massage, facial, or foot rub while waiting to board.

Although there are no full-fledged spas in NAIA terminal (the international airport in Metro Manila), various airline companies have lounges where first-class and VIP guests may avail of their massage services.

3. Medical Facilities – Yes, there are medical facilities that offer spa services to patients. Examples are rehab institutions where the rich and famous camp out while recovering from various vices and addictions. These medical facilities incorporate the elements of a spa to make the environment more pleasing and conducive for holistic recovery.

Some clinics that perform cosmetic surgeries also have built-in spas to ensure that patients recover in a controlled and stress-free environment.

Even dentist's clinics have spas! These are intended for patients who become very anxious at the prospect of sitting at the dentist's chair.

In Makati, there is at least one widely-known medical spa, and it is for a beauty clinic.

With many establishments offering spa services as part of their main attractions, it's obvious that there is a high demand for them in Makati. Who knows, maybe in the near future the spas in the city will be able to offer more than home service massage Makati, or branch out to other unorthodox locations.